What is the DreamSpa

Recharge and Reboot

The DreamSpa is a personal phototherapy system that uses light to create energy in the body.  This advanced technology is now available for the home.

The DreamSpa utilizes photons, sub-atomic particles of light to make recharging the body like a battery and rebooting the brain as easy as taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

This “All-in-One” unit offers 5 proprietary programs.

Each DreamSpa session feels like a restorative night of sleep: emerge refreshed, re-energized ready to take on the world!

You can now enjoy the benefits of “professional grade” phototherapy with the ease and affordability of home use, without the cost and inconvenience of spas and doctors.

More and more doctors, sports clinics, professional estheticians, and tanning salons are offering light therapy for healing and rejuvenation. Professional treatments are expensive and time consuming.  Even if most of us could afford the number of treatments needed to make a real difference, we simply don’t have the time for regular visits to the spa or clinic.

Fortunately, you can now have your very own personal light therapy device and enjoy spa quality benefits, for a fraction of the price. The availability and comfort of having your own light unit at home, whenever you want it, is priceless.

DreamSpa’s programs and benefits compare to, and even exceed, commercial units that start at $20,000 and can cost up to $60,000!

Phototherapy treatments at clinics and spas usually cost from $100 to $500 for a single session.

The cost of DreamSpa session if used once a day for 5 days a week:

  • 2 years: $3.46
  • 5 years, it’s an incredible $1.38
  • 10 years: 69¢ a session!

The DreamSpa® is designed to last at least 10 years and comes with 2 Year Warranty and 60 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

This is the DreamSpa!

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Why use the DreamSpa

Feel Great Whenever You Want

Tired of feeling tired?
Stressed, anxious, overwhelmed?
Not sleeping?
Have the years taken a toll?
Want to feel your best?
Want to maintain vitality, clarity and focus?

Now imagine what it would feel like to go through your day feeling rested, energized, refreshed and confident….

Imagine a technology that is safe, natural, and non-invasive, that you can start using today to reverse the wear and tear of stress and the years…..

Imagine that you have the ability to optimize how you feel, every day, whenever you want….

There is nothing else like the DreamSpa available for home use. Nothing else that allows you to so easily and effectively increase your energy, decrease your stress and reduce the visible signs of stress . That’s why we created the DreamSpa!

DreamSpa benefits are progressive and include:

  • Renewed Energy
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Improved Sleep
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Profound Stress Reduction
  • Exude Radiance

Beyond Benefits the DreamSpa Experience:  Our innovative Brainwave Entrancement® deeply relaxes and reboots the brain -just like a deep mediation or a great power nap.  This natural process gently relaxes brainwaves from an alert or stressed state in Beta (15-40 Hz) to deeply relaxed Theta brainwaves at 5Hz. This is considered the “miracle zone” when the brain can reboot itself as it does in deep sleep.

Each session feels like a restorative night of sleep: emerge refreshed, re-energized ready to take on the world!

Unlike other phototherapy devices the DreamSpa’s unique two-position design allows you to completely rest and relax during each session.  It’s lightweight, portable and easy to use, at the push of a button.

The DreamSpa has 5 programs that not only produce professional results, but offer a profound experience of well-being.  Our customers tell us that they “crave” their sessions. “I’m addicted” they say to feeling so good!

That’s why we created DreamSpa!

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How the DreamSpa Works

Light is a Nutrient for Your Body

Just as plants need sunlight to thrive, humans need light to maintain health and well-being. Human cells are activated by particular wavelengths of light called photons. The photons produced by the DreamSpa are absorbed by the body through the skin,acupuncture points and the fiber optic properties of connective tissue.

Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize and changed the course of physics with his explanation of the Photoelectric Effect: how photons, fundamental particles of light, interact with matter. His discovery laid the groundwork for our understanding of the vital role light plays in our biology.

You can have a healthy diet, a regular exercise program, an excellent doctor and a positive outlook, and there can still be a “missing link” to optimal well-being.

The missing link is Light, and most of us are deficient. We spend most of our time indoors under artificial lights that are not good for us. The DreamSpa delivers 3 bioactive frequencies that our bodies are missing.

The DreamSpa utilizes super LEDs to stimulate 3 levels of effects: Photomechanical, Photothermal and Photoelectric. Our proprietary delivery system delivers wavelengths in the visible and near infrared frequencies.  The DreamSpa® employs three of the most beneficial, safest and highly tested frequencies of blue, red and near-infrared light.

Our propriety system is based on over 30 years of research and development by NASA, NIH and universities around the world.  The DreamSpa represents a technological breakthrough drawing from the fields of biophotonics, cellular communication, tissue optics, phototherapy, and stress management.

NASA recently spent over $11 million outfitting the International Space Station with lights like ours.  NASA is using the exact same frequency of blue light as the DreamSpa, to help astronauts sleep by resetting circadian rhythms.  Phototherapy is also used to help astronauts counteract the effects of zero gravity on the body: loss of muscle mass, and bone density and by the military to accelerate wound healing.

LED phototherapy is natural, safe and non-invasive. In contrast, Lasers deliver enough power to actually damage tissue in order to stimulate healing. LEDs are considered safe enough to be used in neonatal units to help newborns, by wellness centers for pain relief, by hospitals to accelerate wound healing with cancer patients and med spas for photofacials.

This is the science behind the DreamSpa!

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“My sessions have definitely been restorative and have helped me regain a normal sleep pattern.  I have had difficulty sleeping for quite a while, even with various sleep aids. Now when I go bed, as soon as my head hits my pillow,  I fall asleep.  I am not wired and restless, no drama.  And in the morning, I am not dragging myself out of bed.  I wake naturally and feel rested.”
Sharon G, Deerfield, IL
“I love it so much; words can’t even express how exuberant I am. I have tons of energy and I used to be exhausted. I am just a happier person all around. I feel stronger, more rested and more effective in my life. I love, love, love it!”.“
Paula Battaglia, Chicago, IL


Our Guarantee

We are so confident you will love the DreamSpa that we offer a 90 day Money Back Guarantee!
We truly want you be fully satisfied with your purchase, even if that means we need to refund your order.


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