Dr. Cari JacobsonChiropractic Physician
Dr. Jacobson loves using the DreamSpa®. Her patients experience greater energy, sleep improvement, and hair re-growth.
LindaTherapist & Writer
Linda’s mood has lifted, she is experiencing an increased ability to focus, and greater energy.
Allison DomecqSatisfied Customer
Allison’s pain is reduced, sleep is better, and has more energy.
Dr Kerri NevinClinical Psychologist
The DreamSpa corrects her son’s sleep wake cycles .
Kathy SimonicYoga Instructor & Studio Owner
Kathy’s pain and anxiety is eased and she experiences greater energy with her use of the DreamSpa®.
Tammy NicklasZen Shiatsu Therapist
Tammy is sleeping better, feeling refreshed, and her age spots are disappearing.
Laura Savita JachimMassage Therapist
The DreamSpa® alleviates Laura’s aches and pains. She loves experiencing greater energy and balance.
JodiOrganizational Consultant
The DreamSpa® transforms Jodi’s mood.




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