“I love it so much; words can’t even express how exuberant I am. I have tons of energy and I used to be exhausted. I am just a happier person all around. I feel stronger, more rested and more effective in my life. I love, love, love it!”
Paula Battaglia, Illinois
This really does what they say it does. It really works – it’s a revolutionary product!”
“I’m using the DreamSpa before I go to bed on Blue Calm so I can get a good night’s sleep and Body Renew when I awake. These treatments have helped me be calm, mentally clear, and physically pain free instead of feeling like I was hit by a truck.”
“I love my DreamSpa, and cannot imagine being without it. I had some pretty significant depression and simply had no interests in anything.
Now I have many interests and look forward to all the wonderful things I can be doing. I am so grateful that this product became available and that I found it.”
“I am 76 years old I started to use the DreamSpa for only a month & I already see improvements around my mouth my sagging skin beneath my chin & wrinkles are half gone. DreamSpa is one of the best investments of my life.”
Zlata Simic, Chicago, Illinois
“I Love the DreamSpa. For almost a year, I had been seeing my German acupuncturist who always said to me, “I am your energy accountant, and your account is overdrawn, sir.” I never had a reserve of energy. After using the DreamSpa for several weeks, I went back to see her again and she said, “What did you do? What changed? You actually have an energy reserve for the first time.” That was pretty exciting. Thank you DreamSpa!”
Scott Forsgren, Santa Clara, California


“I love the Dream Spa. It has definitely improved my energy and I also feel less pain in my body. I feel like I’ve done a beautiful meditation each time I do a session and no matter how hard I try to stay awake, it always puts me into the deepest sleep, which actually feels quite delicious. I humbly thank you for creating such a beautiful machine.”
“I love the Dream Spa! The light feels very soothing to me and the blue setting makes me sleep like a baby at night.”
Helga DeBontin, Illinois
“Very Happy with my DreamSpa. I am experiencing profound changes, more clarity in my brain,and feeling healthier.”
Angelica C., Oakland, California
“I haven’t slept well for a while. I am usually up many times a night. With the DreamSpa, I have absolutely slept wonderfully and soundly. I wake up feeling rested.”
Denise Gianoutsos, Clearwater, Florida
“I am having very noticeable results with my face looking better have a serious wrinkle problem and my skin has improved at least 40% already …. !!!”
Jane Dunkin, Redding, California
“I just ordered a second Dream Spa. Here is the simple deal: This is for a dear friend, who has suffered from severe insomnia for seven years. After six days of using my Dream Spa, she called me and said she got 9 hours of sleep for the first time that she could remember. She was ecstatic. I am sending her a Dream Spa of her own.”
John Hittler, San Jose, California
“Thank you very much for your help. The kids just love it, it calms them so wonderfully, they even give each other hand massages while they are receiving the light healing; I have never seen anything have quite this effect on children before. And I so love my own after work personal sessions as well. Much appreciation.”
Annette McCarthy, Tucson, Arizona
“I live in France with my wife who is French. Whenever we travel to the USA, we lose at least a couple of days to jet lag. There is about 14 hours of traveling. We are just exhausted. My mother showed me the DreamSpa. I was quite amazed because I really had no jet lag after that. I felt completely normal just as if I had been with her all along. I went to sleep that night expecting to wake up during the night or to wake up too early. I had none of those problems. I just fell asleep the normal time, and woke up at 8am. I felt really refreshed. I was back on track much faster. It was great!
Josh Kline, France
“I use the Renew cycle before I go to work in the morning and the Blue/calm at night. My work as an accountant is very stressful at times and I thank you again for the work/research in bringing this new and wonderful technology to us. I use to wake up every morning with anxiety however, this has completely taken it away!”
Brent Turner, Payson, Utah
“My family and friends have used my Dream Spa and also love it. If I mentioned all the aches and pains and healings that have taken place nobody would believe it. I find it hard to believe and I personally witnessed all of them.”
Alan Murphy, Dallas, Texas
“It really is the best thing that I’ve ever bought in my entire life. If I look at my top 10 useful purchases: The DreamSpa is #1.”
Gail Francisco, Stockton, California
“My sister first told me about what a great help her Dream Spa has been to her. I suffer from Osteoarthritis and find that with daily use I am able to better tolerate pain that can be almost unbearable without Dream Spa aid. I use my Dream Spa on pain relief every morning usually before I even hit the floor. Why waste a minute of my day coping with pain that can be made tolerable since I can use the Dream Spa. Blessings.”
Dee Thurman, Porter, Texas
“We have been using our DreamSpa for 6 months now and have noticed many benefits and health. One of the benefits that both my husband and I have noticed is an increase in core body strength. We are both in our late 50’s, and let me tell you, having this extra boost is very welcomed at this stage in life.”
Loretta Pasco, Volcano, Hawaii
“I started using on Jan 9th….on my right hand index & middle finger…1st joint had very large knobs on each side. On Jan 18th I was showing someone my hand & was shocked to see the knobs on one side on each finger completely gone & other ones more than half their size. I also think brown spots on face & hands are fading.
Sandee Carlson, Phoenix, Arizona
“I was trying to find a way to feel better at a time in my life where my body was experiencing insomnia, body pain, and exhaustion. DreamSpa light therapy was the single most effective tool I found after trying several other healing modalities. I do not go a day without having at least one session. These treatments help me enormously; I feel nourished and fed, my body deeply relaxes and feels like it is getting just what it craves. I am very grateful to have this wonderful support for my good health and energy.”
“The DreamSpa has significantly improved my energy level on a day to day basis. The energy improvement has been profound on days I am exhausted from exercise or even lack of sleep. I rely on the DreamSpa to help me function on those days. It has taken a few months, but now I am noticing improved cognitive functioning and thinking skills.”
Robert Bolleter, Tucson, Arizona
The arthritis in my hands is all gone. The polio foot has no pain since I have been using the DreamSpa. This foot has had a lot of arthritis and the ankle is fused.”
Ann James, Dallas, Texas


“As a chiropractor I treat people with aches and pains every day, I am thrilled to have the DreamSpa because every single person who has used it used has benefited whether for relaxation or pain.”
Dr. Linda Blackmore, Danville, Virginia
“I love the DreamSpa! It definitely boosts my energy. I love to use it with sound therapy (usually The Listening Program®) for combined sonic and light nutrition.”
Ariana Newcomer, Los Gatos, California
“Please thank all those involved in your organization, I know it takes a lot of work to bring something like this forward.”
Brent Turner, Payson, Utah
“After my first session the first thing I noticed was that I felt “tall” and “calm” , that I was somehow outside of the edges of my physical body. Then there was the fact that I slept, seeing that I have been surviving on 2-3 hours of broken sleep daily for the past 5-6 years. 10 hours with just 2 breaks per night is nothing short of a miracle. Then there is my mood, well, I am positive again, and happier than I have experienced in the last 40 years. This mood change is so important to me! I can now put positive input into my daily welfare.”
” I bought a DreamSpa two years ago and I have been using it on a regular bases ever since. I have not noticed any overnight, dramatic changes from using the spa. Instead, my experience have been a slow and steady regeneration of my whole body. My hair is thick and healthy, my nails look amazing, and my skin is moist. All signs of good health. Each person I’ve shared the spa with have had a unique experience, from a good night sleep for the first time in years, to being completely and instantly energized. ”
Marie Oloffsdotter, Minneapolis, Minnesota
“”Back pain was something I endured for many years and managed with yoga, acupuncture, epidurals, deep massage and physical therapy. I severely injured my back last year and had surgery six months ago on L-4, L-5, and S-1. After surgery I began the healing process….rest, relaxation and the DreamSpa. A dear friend shared with me her time, knowledge and light therapy. From my first “lights” experience, I immediately felt healing energy enter my body. Light therapy released the stress from post surgery and restricted motion and brought calmness and rejuvenation into the healing process. I used the different light settings during my road back to health and the therapy helped moved me from recuperation to wellness. My hair loss went away, my energy levels increased and the “lights” boosted my emotional wellbeing. As I felt better, I lessened the use of the DreamSpa and after a few months, I stopped. It took several weeks of not using the “lights” to realize I needed to make this therapy part of my wellness practice. I now allow its continued renewal to help me pursue my road to wholeness.””
“I love it. It has changed my life. Increased energy and feeling of aliveness.”
“I had an average of 3 hours sleep/night for 8 months. When one is sleep deprived, it affects your whole life. The Dream spa is helping me so much. After almost 3 weeks of use twice/day on the blue and sometimes the renewal in the morning, I get at least 5 straight hours and then get up to hydrate and go right back to sleep for 2 to 3 hours. It’s saved my sanity and health.”
“I can’t believe it!! I feel like I have new feet. My toes have been in pain and frozen for years. The longer I received the light treatment the more my feet tingled, and the tingle removed the pain. I feel like my feet are lighter, like I’m wearing someone else’s shoes! I haven’t been able to move my feet like this in years.”
Alice, Wisconsin
“Aloha, I have been using my dream spa since 2011. I have noticed that I have been growing hair on my bald spot, also all my hair is getting healthier and longer. I love the body relief mode the best, I sleep deep afterwards and wake up early in the morning full of energy. Mahalo.”
“I was working on a project yesterday , standing on my feel quite a bit and my arthritis started kicking in and I got very tired. I took 30 minutes under the DreamSpa Light – when I came out my back felt better, my knees felt better, and overall I was not tired and dragging. I felt energy!
Melissa Voukon, Schaumburg, Illinois
“My friend, Alice, tried the Blue Calm program because she hadn’t been sleeping. She did sleep a full night that night, but she was more impressed by how it helped her feet! After her session, I watched as she flexed her toes up and down, saying in awe, “I couldn’t do this before!” – obviously, she can, now.”
Susan Atchinson, Barrington, Illinois
“Just had a wonderful treatment and I’m relaxed and calm…….


“A couple of my friends who I have let come into my home to use my DreamSpa have had serious foot problems. I thought to put their feet under the lights, and it had an immediate  effect in reducing their pain levels and ability to walk more easily.”
Pam Ballard, Draper, Utah
“I have had the DreamSpa for over a year and a half now and use it pretty much every day. It’s the greatest thing around. People tell me all the time that I’m getting younger looking and my energy level is kept up with using the light also. When I have any knee aches, I just put them under the light and it relieves the pain. I really feel it has helped me stay healthier also. and it really helps my brain to focus better. I highly recommend the DreamSpa and feel every one should have it. I purchased one for my daughters and they love it too.”
Joan Kesman, Geneva, Illinois

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