Brainwave Entrancement® is a DreamSpa innovation

Offering profound stress reduction, mental clarity and deep relaxation. This feature is available with our RENEW, BLUE CALM and BODY RELIEF programs.

Brainwave Entrancement creates a deeply relaxed state. This natural process gently relaxes brainwaves from an alert or stressed state in Beta (15-40 Hz) to deeply relaxed and restorative Theta (5Hz). 5Hz Theta is the “miracle zone”.


Each 30-minute session provides profound rest, similar to deep sleep.



BETA 15-40 hz
BETA 15-40 hz


When the brain spends too much time in Beta the following can be significantly impaired or diminished:
  • Energy
  • Concentration
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Weight
  • Quality of Life

ALPHA 10 hz
ALPHA 10 hz


During first 10 minutes of a DreamSpa session brainwaves are relaxed from 25-35 cycles Beta to 10 cycles Alpha. This induces a soothing and calming sensation in mind and body.
Alpha brainwaves are the goal of most meditators. In Alpha the mind quiets, the body relaxes and the meditator can still remain awake.
THETA 8 hz
THETA 8 hz


During the second 10 minutes of a DreamSpa session brainwaves are entranced to 8 cycles Theta.  8hz is difficult for most meditators to maintain.
Only by drifting into a twilight or sleep state at 8 cycles Theta can the brain enter into profound stress relief and mental clarity.
THETA 5 hz
THETA 5 hz


In the last 10 minutes of each DreamSpa session brainwaves are entranced to 5 cycles Theta.

This is the miracle zone where significant regeneration can take place.

Your brain is rebooting itself, similar to deep sleep!


I am thinking clearer and easier, I am more confident and I am now tackling projects that previously I felt too overwhelmed to even start.  I have wanted do these projects for years.”
“I can’t believe how relaxed I feel. I just can’t believe it.  Inside of myself, I feel so relaxed. Usually I feel jumpy. I just feel like everything is at peace.  It’s unbelievable.  It’s like nothing I have ever experienced.”
LaVerne Z

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