Experience greater energy by using the DreamSpa 

Research indicates specific frequencies of LED light stimulate the production of ATP, the molecular name for energy.

“I love it. It has changed my life. Increased my energy and feeling of aliveness.”
Bob Luckin, Redding, California
“The DreamSpa has significantly improved my energy level on a day to day basis. The energy improvement has been profound on days I am exhausted from exercise or even lack of sleep. I rely on the DreamSpa to help me function on those days. It has taken a few months, but now am noticing improved cognitive functioning and thinking skills.”
Robert Bolleter, Tucson, Arizona
“My energy level is kept up with using the light ”
Joan Kesman, Geneva, IL
“I love it so much; words can’t even express how exuberant I am. I have tons of energy and I used to be exhausted. I am just a happier person all around. I feel stronger, more rested and more effective in my life. I love, love, love it.”
Paula Battaglia, Illinois
Deep Relaxation

Experience deep relaxation and a profound sense of well-being.
Each 30 minute session can feel like a restorative night of sleep.

“These treatments help me enormously; I feel nourished and fed, my body deeply relaxes and feels like it is getting just what it craves.”
Ann, Texas
“ I feel like I have done a beautiful meditation each time I do a session and no matter how hard I try to stay awake, it always puts me into the deepest sleep, which actually feels quite delicious. I humbly thank you for creating such a beautiful machine.”
Carol, NY
“l love the body relief mode the best, I sleep deep afterwards and wake up early in the morning full of energy.”
Lee Hefner, Captain Cook, Hawaii

Research studies show that blue LED light stimulates the production of serotonin, boosting and improving mood.

“I love my DreamSpa, and cannot imagine being without it. I had some pretty significant depression and simply had no interest in anything. Now I have many interests and look forward to all the wonderful things I can be doing. I am so grateful that this product became available and that I found it.”
“I use Blue Calm at night and the Renew cycle before I go to work in the morning. My work as an accountant is very stressful at times and I thank you again for bringing this new and wonderful technology to us. I used to wake up every morning with anxiety however the DreamSpa has completely taken it
Brent Turner, Payson, Utah

NASA uses LED light on the International Space Station to reset circadian rhythms and help astronauts sleep better.

“The fact that I slept, for 10 hours with just 2 breaks per night is nothing short of a miracle.”
Alma Devi, Adelaide, Australia
“I just ordered a second DreamSpa. This is for a dear friend, who suffers from severe insomnia. After 6 days of using my DreamSpa, she called me and said she got nine hours of sleep for the first time that she could remember. She was ecstatic. I am sending her a DreamSpa of her own.”
John Hittler, San Jose, California
“I haven’t slept well for a while, usually up many times a night. With the DreamSpa, I have absolutely slept wonderfully and soundly. I wake up feeling rested.”
Denise Gianoutsos, Clearwater, Florida

Brainwave Entrancement® is a DreamSpa® innovation. Providing mental clarity and profound relaxation. This feature is available with our RENEW, BLUE CALM and BODY RELIEF programs. The HAIR & SCALP program stimulates head acupuncture meridians.

“Very Happy with my DreamSpa! I am experiencing profound changes, more clarity in my brain, and feeling healthier.”
Angelica, Oakland, California
“I am noticing improved cognitive functioning and thinking skills.”
Robert Bolleter, Tucson, Arizona
“It helps my brain focus better”
Joan Kesman, Geneva, IL
“These treatments have helped me be calm, mentally clear.”
Suzan, Australia

Quickly and easily recover from Jet Lag with the DreamSpa

“I live in France with my wife who is French. Whenever we travel to the USA, we lose at least a couple of days to jet lag. There is about 14 hours of traveling. We are just exhausted. My mother showed me the DreamSpa. I was quite amazed because I really had no jet lag after that. I felt completely normal just as if I had been with her all along. I went to sleep that night expecting to wake up during that night or to wake up too early. I had none of those problems. I just fell asleep the normal time, and woke up at 8am. I felt really refreshed. I was back on track much faster. It was great!“
Josh Kline, France

Similar to meditation, brainwave entrainment naturally and gently generates Alpha and Theta brainwaves that quiet the mind, calm the body and foster mental clarity.

“I feel like I’ve done a beautiful meditation each time I do a session and no matter how hard I try to stay awake, it always puts me into the deepest sleep, which actually feels quite delicious. I humbly thank you for creating such a beautiful machine.”
“This really does what they say it does. It really works – it’s a revolutionary product!”

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