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an image of Red Light, Blue Light, Near-Infrared Light TherapyDreamSpaLight®

Based on 30 years or research by NASA, NIH and others, the DreamSpa Light System is a professional grade unit offering 5 proprietary programs, 7 types of light therapy and our innovative Brainwave Entrancement®

​A natural, safe and drug-free solution to the effects of
stress, overwork, lack of sleep and jet lag.

The DreamSpa delivers 3 of the most researched and beneficial wavelengths:
Blue Light, Red Light, Near- Infrared Light.



“My body was experiencing insomnia, body pain, and exhaustion. DreamSpa was the single most effective tool I found after trying other healing modalities. I do not go a day without having at least one session. These treatments help me enormously; I feel nourished and fed, my body deeply relaxes and feels like it is getting just what it craves. I am very grateful to have this wonderful support for my good health and energy.”
Ann James, Dallas, Texas


The DreamSpa® System Advanced Light Therapy

5 Programs

The world’s most advanced light therapy is now available for home use with 5 different programs: Renew, Blue Calm, Body Relief, Scalp, and Hands.

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Convenient Home Use

Enjoy the level and quality of benefits that are typically reserved for wellness centers and spas…with the convenience, ease and comfort of your own home.

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Beyond Benefits: The Experience

Each session feels like a night of deep sleep with our Brainwave Entrancement®. Emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed, and re-energized.

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The DreamSpa System is used by


Dr. Michael Galitzer uses the The DreamSpa System® Advanced Light TherapyDr. Michael Galitzer MD features the DreamSpa System in his practice. Dr. Galitzer is a nationally recognized expert in complementary medicine. He has coauthored and been featured in Suzanne Somers’ books.



Cynthia-Pasquella-DreamSpa---Cynthia Pasquella, celebrity nutritionist, expert for The Doctors,
The Dr. Phil Show, and The Today Show.
“The DreamSpa helps reduces my stress levels”


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What our customers are saying

“It really is the best thing that I’ve ever bought in my entire life. If I look at my top 10 useful purchases: The DreamSpa is #1.”
Gail Francisco, Stockton, California
“I never had a reserve of energy. After using the DreamSpa for several weeks, I went back to see my acupuncturist again and she said, “What did you do? What changed? You actually have an energy reserve for the first time. That was pretty exciting. Thank you DreamSpa!”
Scott Forsgren, San Jose, California
“The DreamSpa has significantly improved my energy level on a day to day basis. The energy improvement has been profound on days I am exhausted from exercise or even lack of sleep. I rely on the DreamSpa to help me function on those days. It has taken a few months, but now I am noticing improved cognitive functioning and thinking skills.”
Robert Bolleter, Tucson, Arizona
“Very Happy with my DreamSpa. I am experiencing profound changes, more clarity in my brain,and feeling healthier.”
Angelica C., Oakland, California
“The fact that I slept, seeing that I have been surviving on 2-3 hours of broken sleep daily for the past 5-6 years. 10 hours with just 2 breaks per night is nothing short of a miracle. I can now put positive input into my daily welfare.”
“I haven’t slept well for a while. I am usually up many times a night. With the DreamSpa, I have absolutely slept wonderfully and soundly. I wake up feeling rested.”
Denise Gianoutsos, Clearwater, Florida
““As a chiropractor I treat people with aches and pains every day, I am thrilled to have the DreamSpa because every single person who has used it has benefited “
Dr. Linda Blackmore, Danville, Virginia

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