The DreamSpa System™ - Advanced Light Therapy for Energy, Sleep, Stress Reduction

Increased Energy    Improved Sleep    Uplifted Mood    Profound Stress Relief

Enhanced Mental Clarity    Younger Looking Skin    Thicker Healthier Hair


The DreamSpa System™ Advanced Light Therapy

Recharge Your Cells with Light

The DreamSpa System is Advanced Light Therapy. It is a personal phototherapy system that uses light to create energy in the body.  This advanced technology is now available for the home.

The DreamSpa System stimulates cellular repair and regeneration, recharging the body like a battery and rebooting the brain.

This “All-in-One” unit offers 5 proprietary programs and 7 types of light therapy for renewal and the experience of profound stress reduction.

This is the DreamSpa System!

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Look and Feel Younger

Tired of feeling tired?
Stressed, anxious, overwhelmed?
Not sleeping?
Have the years taken a toll?
Want to look and feel your best?
Want to maintain vitality and beauty?

Now imagine what it would feel like to go through your day feeling rested, energized, refreshed and confident….

Imagine that you have the ability to optimize how you look and feel, every day, whenever you want….

That’s why we created the DreamSpa System!

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Light is a Nutrient for Your Body

Just as plants need sunlight to thrive, humans need light to maintain health and well-being. Human cells are activated by particular wavelengths of light called photons.

You can have a healthy diet, a regular exercise program, an excellent doctor and a positive attitude, and there can still be a “missing link” to optimal health and longevity.

The DreamSpa System delivers 3 bioactive frequencies that our bodies are missing for optimal well-being.

This is the science behind the DreamSpa System!

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The DreamSpa System is used by


Dr. Michael Galitzer uses the The DreamSpa System™ Advanced Light TherapyDr. Michael Galitzer features the DreamSpa System in his practice. Dr. Galitzer is a nationally recognized expert in anti-aging medicine. He has been featured in 8 of Suzanne Somers’ books.



Cynthia-Pasquella-DreamSpa---Cynthia Pasquella, celebrity nutritionist, expert for The Doctors, The Dr. Phil Show, The Today Show.

“The DreamSpa is my go-to, anti-aging essential”


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What our customers are saying

“It really is the best thing that I’ve ever bought in my entire life. If I look at my top 10 useful purchases: The DreamSpa is #1.”
Gail Francisco, Stockton, California
“My family and friends have used my Dream Spa and also love it. If I mentioned all the aches and pains and healings that have taken place nobody would believe it. I find it hard to believe and I personally witnessed all of them.”
Alan Murphy, Dallas, TX
“The DreamSpa has significantly improved my energy level on a day to day basis. The energy improvement has been profound on days I am exhausted from exercise or even lack of sleep. I rely on the DreamSpa to help me function on those days. It has taken a few months, but now I am noticing improved cognitive functioning and thinking skills.”
Robert Bolleter, Tucson, Arizona
The arthritis in my hands is all gone. The polio foot has no pain since I have been using the DreamSpa. This foot has had a lot of arthritis and the ankle is fused.”
Ann James, Dallas, Texas


“Very Happy with my DreamSpa. I am experiencing profound changes, more clarity in my brain,and feeling healthier.”
Angelica C., Oakland, California
“I haven’t slept well for a while. I am usually up many times a night. With the DreamSpa, I have absolutely slept wonderfully and soundly. I wake up feeling rested.”
Denise Gianoutsos, Clearwater, Florida
“I am having very noticeable results with my face looking better have a serious wrinkle problem and my skin has improved at least 40% already …. !!!”
Jane Dunkin, Redding, California

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90-day-money-back-guaranteeOur Guarantee

We are so confident you will love the DreamSpa System that we offer a 90 day Money Back Guarantee!
We truly want you be fully satisfied with your purchase, even if that means we need to refund your order.

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Try the DreamSpa™ with our No Risk 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Look and Feel Younger with the DreamSpa System™. The ultimate lifestyle maintenance technology

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